Outstanding Property Features

High-Traffic, High-Profile Site

Virtually across the Street from the Grand Avenue Fair Park Entrance, with 100 feet of Frontage on high-traffic R B Cullum Boulevard. High daily visibilty with exceptionally high visibility during frequent Fair Park events, with easy access, front and rear and close intersection proximity.

MacDonald's Spends Millions on Its Prime Adjoining Location

Site adjoins a successful MacDonald's location which MacDonalds Corporation repurchased from an independent franchisee. As a corporate policy, the company chooses to own only high-profit locations, typically spinning off less profitable ones to private owners. Apparently MacDonald's was impressed enough with the profitability of this location, not only to repurchase it, but to raze the prior restaurant building and replace it with a completely new, and even larger structure. It's reasonable to assure that one of the nation's most successful fast food chains considers this a premium retail site.

Minyard's Food Store

Corporate America Follows Suit - Investing Millions More

More than a dozen other companies have chosen to invest in new buildings and infrastructure in the same approximate 1000-foot radius of this property. A partial list of these retail locations are depicted in the column at left and plotted on the map below. These new businesses are part of a community-wide revitalization program encompassed by a new Fair Park Planned Development Zoning program designed to enhance the quality and character of future commercial development.

Wallgreen's Drugs

This map shows the position of the offered site (bright green rectangle) in relation to Fair Park and the new retail locations nearby.

Two Podner's Restaurant

Chevron Food Mart

Bank of America
Site's On-going Parking Income Covers All Holding Costs

Parking Company of America has chosen to lease the offered site for event parking. The share of parking proceeds that PC of A guarantees to the property owner each year exceeds all holding costs including, taxes and storm water drainage fees levied by the city or county. PC of A also insures the property against premise liability, and keeps the property groomed. The contract with PC of A is assignable. This arrangement virtually eliminates all holding and maintenace costs for the property owner during the pre-development period.

Easement Abandonment Releases Full Site for Development

Dallas Water Utilities no longer has any need for the property's utility easement, and has offered in writing to abandon this easement. This gives the new property owner far greater freedom and flexibility in developing the full property.

One of the Lowest-Priced Properties in the Area

The price of this site is perhaps the most reasonable in the area. Adjoining property owners have rejected offers from the current owners of this site and others for amounts nearly double ($20 per SF) the current asking price for this site.

New DART Terminal Increases Traffic - Enhances Infrastructure

DART's new Fair Park Terminal and the renovation and expansion of the Social Security Administration building all with the approximate 1000-foot radius of this site has dramatically increased vehicle and foot traffic in this Fair Park Community in the past two years, increasing the potential value of the property as a retail location. It also makes it easy for office and retail employees to get to work.

PD Zoning Upgrades Area and Stimulates New Development

The City of Dallas recently included this site in its new Fair Park Planned Development. This new zoning designation has helped to guide, protect and stimulate the development of this area and is responsible for attracting much of the new commerical retail development in this community. More details on the PD are available clicking the Zoning Tab.

Front and Rear Access Allow Space-Saving, Single-Lane Drive-Through

100 feet of Frontage on R B Cullum Boulevard and 100 feet on Fourth Avenue (now renamed to L B Jackson Avenue), provides easy front and rear access, and creates the perfect opportunity for a drive-though facility that requires only a single lane of traffic and conserves most of the property for buildable/usable space.