The offered property is current Zoned CC (Community Commercial Subdistrict) in the DALLAS FAIR PARK Special Purpose District. A Summary and Full Description of this zoning classification follows. For the entire text of the PD, Click Here.


CC Community Commercial Subdistrict. The CC Community Commercial Subdistrict is characterized by a mix of commercial and business service, institutional and community service, office, and retail and personal service uses serving both nearby residential areas and the broader South Dallas/Fair Park community. This subdistrict includes single-story and multi-story office development, large footprint buildings, and both surface parking and parking structures. Some uses are allowed only in the CC(E) Community Commercial Enhanced Subdistrict.

Full Description


(a) Main uses permitted.

(1) Agricultural uses.

-- None permitted.

(2) Commercial and business service uses.

-- Catering service.

-- Custom business services.

-- Electronics service center.

-- Job or lithographic printing. [3,500 square feet or less.]

-- Medical or scientific laboratory. [SUP]

(3) Industrial uses.

-- None permitted.

(4) Institutional and community service uses.

-- Adult day care facility.

-- Cemetery or mausoleum. [SUP]

-- Child-care facility.

-- Church.

-- College, university, or seminary. [SUP]

-- Community service center. [SUP]

-- Convalescent and nursing homes, hospice care, and related institutions. [SUP]

-- Convent or monastery.

-- Library, art gallery, or museum.

-- Public or private school. [RAR]

(5) Lodging uses.

-- Hotel or motel. [SUP]

(6) Miscellaneous uses.

-- Temporary construction or sales office.

(7) Office uses.

-- Financial institution without drive-in window.

-- Financial institution with drive-in window. [DIR]

-- Medical clinic or ambulatory surgical center.

-- Office.

(8) Recreation uses.

-- Private recreation center, club, or area.

-- Public park, playground, or golf course.

(9) Residential uses.

-- None permitted.

(10) Retail and personal service uses.

-- Alcoholic beverage establishments. [SUP]

-- Ambulance service. [RAR]

-- Animal shelter or clinic without outside run. [RAR]

-- Auto service center. [RAR]

-- Business school.

-- Car wash. [DIR]

-- Commercial amusement (inside). [See Section 51A-4.210(b)(7). Permitted in this subdistrict subject to the same requirements as if located in the CR Community Retail district.]

-- Commercial parking lot or garage. [RAR]

-- Dry cleaning or laundry store.

-- Food or beverage store 3,500 square feet or less. [SUP]

-- Furniture store.

-- General merchandise store 3,500 square feet or less.

-- General merchandise or food store greater than 3,500 square feet.

-- Home improvement center; lumber, brick, or building materials sales yard. [DIR]

-- Household equipment and appliance repair.

-- Liquor store. [In CC(E) Enhanced only.]

-- Mortuary, funeral home, or commercial wedding chapel.

-- Motor vehicle fueling station.

-- Nursery, garden shop, or plant sales.

-- Personal service uses.

-- Restaurant without drive-in or drive-through service. [RAR]

-- Restaurant with drive-in or drive-through service. [DIR]

-- Swap or buy shop. [SUP]

-- Theater.

-- Vehicle display, sales, and service. [RAR]

(11) Transportation uses.

-- Transit passenger shelter.

-- Transit passenger station or transfer center. [SUP or city council resolution.]

(12) Utility and public service uses.

-- Electrical substation. [SUP]

-- Local utilities. [SUP or RAR may be required. See Section 4.212(4), "Local utilities.”]

-- Police or fire station.

-- Post office.

-- Tower/antenna for cellular communication.

(13) Wholesale, distribution, and storage uses.

-- Mini-warehouse. [SUP]

-- Recycling drop-off container. [See Section 4.213(11.2).]

(b) Accessory uses.

(1) As a general rule, an accessory use is permitted in any area in which the main use is permitted. Some specific types of accessory uses, however, due to their unique nature, are subject to additional regulations contained in Section 51A–4.217, "Accessory Uses.” For more information regarding accessory uses, consult Section 51A-4.217.

(2) The following accessory use is permitted only with a solid screening fence and plant material screening:

-- Accessory outside storage.

(c) Yard, lot, and space regulations. (Note: The yard, lot, and space regulations in this subsection must be read together with the yard, lot, and space regulations contained in Division 51A-4.400, "Yard, Lot, and Space Regulations.” In the event of a conflict between this subsection and Division 51A-4.400, this subsection controls.)

(1) Front yard.

(A) Except as otherwise provided in this paragraph, a front yard is not required.

(B) If a front yard is provided, it must be a minimum of 15 feet with landscaping provided in accordance with Section 51P-595.118, "Landscaping.”

(C) A front yard of up to five feet may be provided to the extent needed to accommodate a wider than standard sidewalk for any portion of the wider sidewalk that cannot be placed in the right-of-way.

(2) Side yard. The minimum side yard is:

(A) 15 feet where adjacent to or directly across an alley from a residential subdistrict or an R, R(A), D, D(A), TH, TH(A), CH, MF, or MF(A) district; and

(B) no minimum in all other cases, but if a setback is provided it must be at least 5 feet.

(3) Rear yard. The minimum rear yard is:

(A) 15 feet where adjacent to or directly across an alley from a residential subdistrict or an R, R(A), D, D(A), TH, TH(A), CH, MF, or MF(A) district; and

(B) no minimum in all other cases, but if a setback is provided it must be at least 5 feet.

(4) Floor area ratio. The maximum floor area ratio is:

(A) .75 for office uses;

(B) 0.5 for retail uses; and

(C) .75 for all uses combined.

(5) Height.

(A) Residential proximity slope. If any portion of a structure is over 26 feet in height, that portion may not be located above a 1-to-3 residential proximity slope. Exception: Except for chimneys, structures listed in Section 51A–4.408(a)(2) may project through the slope to a height not to exceed the maximum structure height, or 12 feet above the slope, whichever is less. Chimneys may project through the slope to a height 12 feet above the slope and 12 feet above the maximum structure height.

(B) Maximum height. Unless further restricted under Subparagraph (A), the maximum structure height is 54 feet.

(6) Lot coverage. The maximum lot coverage is 60 percent. Aboveground parking structures are included in lot coverage calculations; surface parking lots and underground parking structures are not.

(7) Lot size. No minimum lot size.

(8) Stories. The maximum number of stories above grade is four. Parking garages are exempt from this requirement, but must comply with the height regulations of Paragraph (5).

(d) Off-street parking and loading.

(1) In general. Consult the use regulations (Division 51A-4.200) for the specific off-street parking and loading requirements for each use. Except as provided in this subsection, consult the off-street parking and loading regulations (Divisions 51A-4.300 et seq.) for information regarding off-street parking and loading generally.

(2) Parking setback. Required off-street parking is prohibited within 30 feet of the public street curb.

(3) Parking screening.

(A) Required off-street parking must be screened from the street using the methods listed in Section 51A-4.301(f)(5).

(B) Required off-street parking must be screened from adjoining residential property by screening as described in Section 51A-4.301(f)(3).

(C) A perimeter landscape buffer strip complying with Section 51A–10.125(b)(1), "Perimeter Landscape Buffer Strip,” must be provided on the residential side of any screening required by this subsection. Perimeter landscape buffer strip materials must comply with Section 51A-10.125(b)(7), "Buffer Plant Materials.”

(e) Environmental performance standards. See Article VI.

(f) Landscape regulations. See Article X, except as modified by Section 51P–595.118, "Landscaping.” (Ord. 24726)